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  • Why buy the real collectible through an NFT? What’s the point?
    To answer simply: Flexibility. Compared to real collectible ownership, purchasing an NFT gives you options when owning an asset. You can do more than if you owned the asset in real life. You can swap it for another asset class. You fractionalize it and break it into smaller components to unlock liquidity without losing ownership or buy a small fraction to make entry into ownership more attainable. The options will only increase as the technology matures.
  • Do I get to take ownership of the real asset?
    If you want! If you wish to redeem the NFT, just let us know and we'll step you through the shipment process. But, if you wish to hold it in our warehouse, that's up to you. Hold it and offer it up for sale in a future date. That's what makes this process so amazing!
  • What if I don't have a crypto wallet?
    When you sign up with us, we allow you to use your social media account. A crypto wallet is created automatically during this process.
  • Who provides insurance for assets within Dualmint's ecosystem?
    Our bonded warehouses ensure assets while in storage, and partnered shipping companies cover transit insurance.  When collectors aim to mint their collections, they must select an insurance option for transportation to our warehouse. Similarly, buyers looking to redeem their NFTs need to choose an insurance option for delivery to their preferred address. We initiated our project with top-tier ecosystem partners and are continuously expanding our network to support our clients' needs.
  • How do I know the asset is authentic?
    We work with ecosystem partners such as galleries, subject matter experts, and a host of industry experts to validate the authenticity of each collectible as they are onboarded onto the platform. Nobody can completely guarantee the authenticity of the asset. However, we will always disclose the proof of provenance and the parties that hav been involved in rendering their expert opinion. This way, you can feel confident about the authentcity and value of the high- value assets you're acquiring through our platorm.
  • How do royalties work?
    We value our Collectors and Creators. They are the ones who take the first risk in the acquisiton of a collectible. When you buy an asset from DualMint, we ensure that the Creator is attributed the highest portion of the royalty. We also recognize the importance of our buyers and sellers. That's why we have created a protocol where past owners of the NFT will also collect a portion of the royalty. A guaranteed income stream for all buyers and sellers as long as the NFT is being bought on our marketplace.
  • Can I mint an asset immediately?
    Our protocol doesn't work that way. We take necessary security steps to ensure every asset that has been minted on our platform has gone through the necessary steps to verify it is real and authentic. The step by step process is outlined on our home page. We need to store the asset in secure location first, before undertaking the authentication process, once this has been complete the asset will be ready to mint.
  • What is the difference between asset types
    We define Asset types are by their class. Typically, we divide these into two main categories. "Collectibles", which are presented by such things as wine, whisky, art, memorabilia, toys and fashion and "Intangible Assets", defined by real world intangible assets such as projects, IP based assets, etc.
  • Where can I see purchase history for an NFT?
    All transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. A full transaction history can be found on
  • Does DualMint have its own token, and what role does it play in the ecosystem?
    The DualToken is our native token at the heart of our ecosystem. DualToken is a digital currency used within Dualmint for transactions, platform fee payments, and exchanges for products and services.
  • What is the total supply of DualToken and its distribution strategy?
    The total supply is capped at 1 billion, with a controlled release in tranches of 10% to align with community engagement and growth goals.
  • How can i earn DualToken?
    You can earn DualTokens through weekly AMAs and Zealy quests (To be announced on discord, telegram games and social media.) Stay tuned!
  • What is the primary use of DualToken?
    Currently, DUAL is used to redeem a discount of up to $25 as part of NFT purchases. It is redeemable but not tradable until listed.
  • What blockchain is DualToken on and are there gas fees involved in transactions?
    DUAL is on the Polygon blockchain.Yes, transactions on Polygon require a small amount of MATIC as gas fees.
  • Is DualToken currently listed on exchanges?
    No, DUAL is not listed yet. A listing is planned for Q4 of 2024.
  • How do I claim DualToken airdrop?
    To claim your DualToken airdrop, first install MetaMask in your browser - choose the network (e.g., Polygon or Ethereum) - Import tokens by selecting your provided wallet address, clicking "Import Tokens," and entering the contract token 0xC65B488928EFCc9BE0834e1111914f51ec8B23B0 - the symbol and decimal will autofill. OR On the DualMint Platform, sign in with your wallet -select the chain- connect your wallet as directed, and check "Your Wallet" for your DualTokens.
  • What type of NFTs does DualMint specialize in?
    DualMint specializes in a diverse range of NFTs beyond collectibles, including unique projects like the Toji NFT, which represents tokenized sake on the blockchain. Recently launched on March 2nd, 2024, and currently on sale, DualMint is preparing to launch various other projects. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • How do I buy?
    There are 2 options for buying depending on the seller’s choice - direct sale or timed auction. We use USDT as the currency. Make sure you have some ETH pay for gas on the ethereum network! You can purchase both ETH and USDT through our marketplace by clicking on the "Buy Crypto" button. You can also buy directly using credit card.
  • What happens to the asset when I purchase the NFT?
    Our NFT is a one-to-one representation of a real world asset. Once you purchase the NFT, you have a right to redeem the NFT for delivery of the collectible. Or you can leave it in our warehouse and trade the NFT later. It's that simple!
  • How do I take delivery of the asset and what happens to the NFT?
    Once you are ready to enjoy your fine wine or to admire that artwork in your living room, let us know! We will arrange shipment to you. You'll be informed of the insurance requirements, shipping fees, and other handling fees required.
  • How can I purchase an NFT on DualMint using a credit card?
    To buy an NFT on DualMint, select polygon chain -sign in using options like Google, Discord, or an external wallet such as MetaMask - click on the project you wish to purchase. From there, decide on how many NFTs you want. You'll have two payment options: using a credit card or crypto. To proceed with a credit card, select "back using credit card," then enter your mobile number to receive a verification code. Next, input your card details and proceed to checkout.
  • How do I earn rewards from selling?
    Well, first of all, you are selling your NFT through a platform that has millions of potential buyer. If people like your collectible, you'll get the best price. But, best of all, you earn royalties through each subsequent trade of the NFT. As long as the NFT is being offered through our platform, you'll earn perpetual royalty.
  • Why should I sell my collectibles or intangible assets as an NFT?
    It's not just any NFT. The DualMint NFT provides two unique features: our dual provenance protocol allows the legal provenance of the NFT to be tracked in a real world document as well as in the metaverse; plus our royalty protocol guarantees a perpetual income stream for each buy and sell. NFT also helps bring together a community and make the asset more accessible to the general masses.
  • Do I have to ship my asset to your facility for it to be sold?
    "It depends". If you're the occasional collector, we'd love to get to know you and your collection better. So it's best if we can see it. We have relationships with brands also. In those cases, we trust that those brands will hold the goods in good stead. Why incur the extra handling when we don't need to?
  • Who determines the listing price of my asset?
    The short answer is You Do! You set the price. Our appraisers will provide you with an opinion. But in the end, it's all you!
  • Who covers my asset if it's damaged in transit or stolen from the warehouse?
    Our network of insurance partners guarantees coverage for all assets at their appraised value, providing insurance against fire, theft, and damage while in the warehouse.
  • What happens to the ownership of the physical asset if I sell the NFT?
    Whoever owns the NFT, owns the physical good. Through our counter-proof technology solution, the ownership of the physical is tied directly and autonomously to the NFT, so when ownership changes on the marketplace, this is updated simultaneously with the warehouse of where it is stored.
  • What is Dual Provenance Protocol?
    The DPP is our way to ensure that the legal provenance of an asset exists both in the real world and in the metaverse. Trust is so important that we've staked our technology reputation on the Dual Provenance Protocol. We guarantee that the legal provenance points to the block chain and that the blockchain can reference the legal provenance.
  • Why is Legal Provenance important?
    You're spending a lot of coin on a luxury good, why wouldn't you want legal provenance to prove it's what it claiming to be?
  • How does the bidding process work?
    All of our collectibles are priced in USDC. Just ensure that you have enough funds in your wallet and place a bid. When the auction is over, we'll let you know if the NFT is yours!
  • What Token Protocol standard Do you Use when Minting NFTs?
  • How does our Dual Provenance Protocol work?
    It establishes a bi-directional link between digital provenance on the blockchain and physical provenance of RWAs, incorporating legal validations and secure digital signatures.
  • What services does Dualmint offer beyond tokenization?
    Dualmint provides a holistic approach to asset management, including logistics, data privacy, legal document management, anti-counterfeiting measures, and insurance. We also operate a marketplace.
  • How does tokenization work on DualMint ?
    Tokenization on Dualmint starts with verifying your asset's authenticity by providing proof and relevant certificates. The asset is then stored in a secure, Dualmint-approved warehouse for further checks. We require Certificates of Authenticity but don't appraise value. While we aim to reduce counterfeits, our main goal is to ensure the asset's legitimacy. Once verified, the asset is tokenized on the blockchain and stored securely, making it ready for digital transactions without physical exchange
  • How do referrals work on DualMint?
    On DualMint, referring multiple people can earn you great benefits, including receiving multiple NFTs for specific projects.
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