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Dualmint is a protocol-driven ecosystem built to be the premier tool for minting, trading, swapping and integrating asset-backed dNFTs into virtual worlds. As a scalable platform that leverages the expertises of the ecosystem’s service providers and partners, Dualmint offers the most simple and secure way to bridge physical assets to the digital sphere. To date, the ecosystem has partnerships that have expertise across asset acquisition, legal framework, blockchain logistics and operations, data privacy, smart contract development, counterfeit-proof security technology, bonded warehousing and marketing.


Company History

Bernard Yeung  CEO

Bill Lee CTO

Hung Chou Tai  CIO

David Sakai  CRO

Horace Mak  COO


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The Company was founded in November 2021, When co-founders Bill Lee and Hung Chou Tai had a conversation about how real value wasn’t being represented in Blockchain.  Trust would quickly erode as existing digital collectibles would proved to be a fad.  At the same time, Bernard Yeung was looking for a novel way to sell a new 53yr old whisky collection that he had acquired.  Together, the parties, along with Horace Mak and David Sakai, built a protocol that would leverage the expertise of each company to allow for assets to be minted, traded and redeemed as NFTs on the blockchain.


Anchored by real-world expertise, the team quickly built an impressive pipeline of assets ready for minting,  to the value of  50 million AUM. Within 6 months, the company signed several more key partnerships to strengthen the ecosystem, had smart contracts audited, and launched its alpha marketplace. The beta version is now available.

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