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What is DualMint? 

DualMint is a platform for real-world asset tokenization, offering a new form of ownership for users. Our fully transparent platform facilitates transactions, engagement, and the digitization of projects, products, and services. We provide businesses with innovative funding sources, enhance brand loyalty, and increase customer awareness. DualMint is revolutionizing traditional ownership models, e-commerce, and product launches. 

Real world Assets

The DualMint Engine secures, stores, mints, trades, and delivers any real world asset on the blockchain.


A comprehensive platform where you can buy, sell, and trade tokenized assets with ease and security. 

Need more help understanding how DualMint Works? 

Need more help understanding how DualMint Works? 

Dual Provenance

Ensuring transparency and security, Dual Provenance records every transaction immutably, providing a clear audit trail.


A robust ecosystem that supports all aspects of tokenized asset management, from trading to earning returns. 

How to Connect Your MetaMask Wallet on DualMint ? 

Learn how to connect your MetaMask wallet on DualMint! This step-by-step tutorial guides you through logging in, selecting the Polygon chain, and signing in with MetaMask. Ensure secure and seamless access to your assets on our platform.

  1. Log In: Click the Login icon. Our platform supports Ethereum and Polygon chains. 

  2. Select Chain: select Polygon.

  3. Sign In Options: Choose to sign in with Google, social media accounts, email, phone number, or an external wallet.

  4. Select MetaMask: Click on MetaMask and follow the prompts. 

  5. Sign In: You'll be asked to sign; click "Sign". 

  6. Verify: Once logged in, click on your user icon to check your wallet and find your wallet's address. 

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How to List a Project on DualMint as a Partner

Learn how to list your project on DualMint as a partner. Perfect for tokenizing your assets on our platform.

  1. Log In: Access DualMint and select either the Ethereum or Polygon network. choose Polygon. 

  2. Sign In: Use Google, social media, email, or MetaMask to sign in. 

  3. Add Project: Click "Add Token," then "Add Projects." 

  4. Enter Details: Provide your project name, representative name, email, business name, description, and website. 

  5. Upload Documents: Upload the necessary business and product documents. 

  6. Submit: Submit your project and wait for admin feedback via email. 

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