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Experience the Timeless beauty of Colombian Emeralds on the Blockchain

Description - Discover the allure of certified natural emeralds gemstones, sourced directly from Colombia's premier mines, exclusively on DualMint. Own a piece of Colombian finest gemstones with our tokenized NFT emeralds.


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Exquisite Colombian Emeralds

Rare and authentic Colombian emeralds with vibrant green hues and unmatched clarity.  

Why Choose LuxEmerald?

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Exclusive high-resolution virtual mining tour. 

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Educational Webinars to learn about emerald treatment and sales. 

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Private Venue Tour 

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Customized  jewelry options tailored for you. 

Experience the timeless elegance and value of Colombian emeralds 


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Certified Quality

Certified by EDELWEISS Gem Lab for exceptional quality.  

Exclusive Perks for LuxEmerald Holders:

Behind the Emeralds

Guillermo Galvis, Colombian Trading Corp 

Guillermo is the president of the Colombian Emeralds Exporters Association (ACODES) and a board member of Fedesmeraldas, CDTEC, and the ICA (International Colored Gemstone Association). He also chairs the World Emerald Symposium and champions various social and eco-sustainable initiatives in the emerald industry, particularly in the Boyacá region. 

About DualMint

DualMint is dedicated to tokenizing real-world assets, bringing premium commodities and luxury items to the blockchain. Our secure technology ensures you can easily own and trade high-value assets.

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