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Gustav Klimt – Falling in Gold: An Immersive Experience in Singapore

Updated: Jul 10

Gustav Klimt – Falling in Gold
Gustav Klimt – Falling in Gold

Gustav Klimt, born in 1862 in Austria, was a prominent painter and one of the most notable members of the Vienna Secession movement. Klimt is renowned for his distinctive style, which blends symbolic and allegorical themes with intricate patterns and bold color schemes.

His most famous works, including "The Kiss" and "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I," showcase his fascination with the human form, particularly the female body, and his pioneering use of gold leaf to create a luminous effect. Klimt's influence extends beyond fine art; his work has left an indelible mark on modern design, fashion, and even advertising. Understanding Klimt's impact helps to appreciate the significance of utilizing his legacy in contemporary marketing strategies. 

A World-Class Sensory Journey

DualMint is excited to present the "Gustav Klimt - Falling in Gold" Immersive Experience in Singapore, hosted at the SportsHub Library from September 1, 2024, to February 28, 2025. This event will feature the majestic artwork of Gustav Klimt through an unparalleled sensory experience. DualMint collaborates with global partners such as Dirty Monitor, WWAC, and Ideas Empire to bring this spectacular event to life. 

Strong Support and Wide Reach

This immersive experience is backed by significant partners, including Kallang Alive Sports Management (KASM), Capitaland, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and SISTIC. With their support, the event aims to attract over 150,000 local and international visitors and achieve over 1 million word-of-mouth impressions across Asia. 

Extended Operating Hours and Special Events

The exhibition will be open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM, with extended hours for special nightly activities. Unique collaborations include immersive yoga experiences with local yoga schools, monthly live orchestral performances with Singapore’s Orchestra Groups, and immersive clubbing experiences featuring local DJs as after-parties in conjunction with major concert events at the nearby Singapore National Stadium. 

Revolutionary Sponsorship Program: Advertise to Earn

DualMint has introduced an innovative sponsorship program called "Advertise & Benefit." This program allows sponsors to enjoy various perks such as free tickets, tailored corporate events, media, and advertising space while also earning a return on their investment. Unlike traditional sponsorship models, this program eliminates the usual marketing costs, providing brands with greater gains and benefits. 

Sponsorship Tiers 

Experiencing Gustav Klimt's Immersive 'Falling in Gold' in Singapore
Sponsorship Tiers

Platinum Sponsors - USD 100,000

  • Token Contribution: Sponsors contribute for six months, with Dualmint buying back tokens at full cost plus a 15% bonus. 

  • Logo Exposure: Prominent logo placement on all marketing collaterals and on-site visuals. 

  • Tickets: 200 general admission tickets. 

  • On-Site Exposure: Corporate video display, dedicated booth, and direct marketing opportunities. 

  • Social Media: Dedicated posts on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and LinkedIn. 

  • VIP Event: One private event with custom visual content (costs associated with the event). 

Gold Sponsors - USD 50,000

  • Token Contribution: Six months contribution with a full buy-back and 15% bonus. 

  • Logo Exposure: Logo placement on all marketing collaterals and on-site visuals. 

  • Tickets: 100 general admission tickets. 

  • Social Media: Dedicated posts on social media platforms. 

  • VIP Event: One private event evening for company clients (costs associated with the event). 

Honorary Sponsors - USD 10,000

  • Token Contribution: Six months contribution with a full buy-back and 15% bonus. 

  • Name/Brand Plaque: Placement on the entrance wall/facade. 

  • Tickets: 25 general admission tickets. 

The Concept: Advertise to Earn 

Experiencing Gustav Klimt's Immersive 'Falling in Gold' in Singapore
The Concept: Advertise to Earn 

The document emphasizes the innovative strategy of "advertise to earn," a concept that merges art and commerce to create mutually beneficial opportunities for artists, advertisers, and audiences.

This approach leverages the timeless appeal and visual impact of iconic artworks, such as those by Gustav Klimt, to capture attention and drive engagement in advertising campaigns. 

Enhancing Brand Recognition

One of the core ideas behind "advertise to earn" is the use of famous artworks to enhance brand recognition. By incorporating Klimt's recognizable and beloved imagery into advertisements, brands can tap into the cultural capital and emotional resonance that these artworks hold. This not only elevates the aesthetic quality of the advertisements but also creates a memorable association between the brand and high art, fostering a sense of prestige and sophistication. 

Generating New Revenue Streams

The "advertise to earn" model also presents new revenue opportunities for artists and rights holders. By licensing Klimt's artworks for use in advertising, they can generate income while ensuring that the integrity and value of the original art are maintained. This creates a sustainable financial model that supports the arts and encourages the continued creation and preservation of artistic works. 




The "Gustav Klimt - Falling in Gold" Immersive Experience is set to be a landmark event in Singapore, offering a unique blend of art, technology, and cultural activities. With robust support and a groundbreaking sponsorship model, this event promises to provide substantial benefits to visitors and sponsors alike. 


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