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Build a Digital Asset Portfolio for Dynamic Earning Potential

How Do I Earn with DualMint ?

Maximize the potential of your assets with DualMint. Our platform allows you to create a digital portfolio that generates consistent monthly income. Experience a world where your assets work for you, ensuring a steady stream of earnings and financial growth

Our Premier Offerings


EcoWash Token

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Support green initiatives

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Monthly Returns

Asset Description: Earn from tokenized high-efficiency washing machines. Eco Wash token assets promise robust monthly returns while contributing to sustainability. 


Art Whiskify

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140 exclusive whisky casks

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Value enriches with age

Earn from premium whisky. Each Art Whiskify token represents a share in an 18-year-old whisky cask, maturing into a 21-year-old premium whisky, offering potential returns and exclusive ownership. 

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