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Discover and Invest in Rare Iconic Collectibles

Collections on DualMint

Invest in curated collections of high-value assets with DualMint with lucrative returns. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new, DualMint provides you with exclusive opportunities to grow your wealth through premium, authenticated asset collections. 

Our Premier Offerings




Tokenized Colombian Emeralds

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Invest in LuxEmerald, a premier collection of tokenized Colombian emeralds. Each LuxEmerald token represents a share in these exquisite gemstones, certified for their exceptional quality. LuxEmerald offers both aesthetic value and significant financial returns, allowing you to own a piece of some of the world's finest emeralds.


Toji NFT

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Exclusive Membership benefits


Toji NFt bottles

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Collect a piece of Japanese heritage with Toji NFT. Each NFT represents ownership of authentic Toji Sake from Daimon Brewery, offering potential membership benefits and a share in this luxurious asset. 

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